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Medical Memberships

Make your health care more affordable with a $45 per month medical membership for urgent and primary care.

At Sea Island Medical Care, we see you as part of our family.  We know that healthcare is expensive and that health insurance can be out of reach for many small business owners, independent contractors, and so many more. 

If you don’t have health insurance or are on a plan with a high deductible, our medical membership may be right for you. 

For the price of $45 per month and a $7 co-pay upon each visit, individuals can visit our clinics as much as needed and receive all of our offered services.

Just the price of a water bottle a day.

Membership Benefits

That’s right, for $1.50 a day and your co-pay, you can rest easy and know that a trip to our clinic won’t cost you an arm and a leg — just the price of a water bottle a day.

Sign Up
  • Unlimited clinic visits for urgent and primary care
  • All services received during your visits are included
    • X-rays
    • In-house labs
    • EKGs
    • Laceration repairs
    • Physical exams
    • Diagnosis
    • Any injury or ailment that can be treated by our providers and services is covered
  • Free flu shot

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to learn more about our membership program.